Stained Glass Classes

At The Glass Touch, LLC, our focus is on offering students the opportunity to learn through our art classes in Nashville, Tennessee. We also offer stained glass repair services, enabling you to enjoy your custom pieces for years to come.

Beginning Copper Foil Class (Four Weeks, Three Hour Sessions)

This four-week course covers every aspect of the trade, including tools and techniques.  This class focuses on the "copper foil" method of stained glass construction. Techniques covered include cutting straight and curved lines, manipulating circles, handling large sheets of glass, and utilizing patterns. During the class, you will complete a small starter stained glass panel (approximately 9"x14") using glass of your choice. Several different patterns are available for you to choose from during the first class. Grinders and other specialty equipment are available for students to use. Some of the tools used include:

• Pattern Shears
• Glass Cutter
• Combo Breaking/Grozing Pliers
• Running Pliers
• Soldering Irons
• Glass Grinders

Lead Came  Classes (4 week, 3 hour sessions)

Teaches the points of Lead Came design, student should have experiecne with cutting, foiling, work with patteres, and soldering..

We spend time on excat cutiing and fitting the glass so there are no gaps. As in foiling you can fill those in with solder.

The panel size will be somewhere around 11" by 20".

Class Schedules:

Beginners Foil Class

Beginners Copper Foil  Apr. 30th through May. 21st    (Open)  Last Class until Sept.

6:30pm – 9:00pm   Tuesday Evening Class. ($160)

Lead and Zinc Class

Call ASAP the classes fill up quickly.