Yes, The Glass Touch is for sale.  

As most of my clientele know, my illness of the past 5 years has brought me to the point; I can no longer be productive in the business.

I must hire outside help, that I would normally do myself. This cuts into my income, plus the illness is progressing to the point I am limited to my daily functions, so it's time to face the facts, I must give it up to someone that can devote the needed time, and keep up the continuing growth of the business. It has not reached its paternal.

I employee three very dedicated and skilled people which perform all the daily functions.

They would of course continue to stay on with a new owner. I would stay on for a period of time to help with the transition and training. 

We have a very large loyal customer base, and we are the primary retail studio for glass supplies in this area, and one of very few Lamp and Lighting repair centers, with a large replacement part inventory.

If you have an interest call me, and we can discuss. This is a great business for a husband and wife combo as a 2nd career, Or one person, hiring some help, and again as a second career.